After Signing Contract Extension, LA Rams Linebacker Alec Ogletree, Vows to be Leader of Defense

Los Angeles Rams linebacker, Alec Ogletree, spoke for the first time since the team announced a new four-year contract extension with their leading tackler.

It's been a wonderful weekend for Los Angeles Rams inside linebacker Alec Ogletree. 

On Thursday, following a hard fought practice at the Rams facility in Thousand Oaks, California, the team announced that they had signed Ogletree to a four-year contract extension.

Olgetree has been the Rams leading tackler for the past three seasons, with 54 tackles.

Ogletree was drafted by the Rams in the first round of the 2013 NLF Draft out of Georgia and has made his impact on the team each and every year since as he's led the team in tackles eac of his first four seasons.

"Alec has evolved into a true leader of our football team and we are excited to sign him to this extension," Rams general manager Les Snead said. "His teammates voted him as a captain in back-to-back seasons for a reason -- and it's not only because of his production, but his character and resiliency. We look forward to Alec helping our team emerge as a consistent winner for years to come."

His new deal is worth $42 million, and $30 million in guaranteed money. At the beginning of off-season workouts, Ogletree  moved inside as apart of the Rams new 3-4 defense. 

"Besides his athletic ability, his leadership is through the roof," Rams defensive coordinator Wade Philips said. "It's just natural to him. he doesn't go out of his way. He can call all of the signals on defense, make all of the adjustments and all of those things, so they (players) look to a guy like that." 

He has a total of 441 tackles, 5.5 sacks to date, and with those numbers Olgetree only looks to get better with time and experience. 

"It's not just simple, it's a lot that goes into it," Ogletree explained. "Credit to my agent, the Rams for all working to get the job done. I couldn't be more happy that it's done."

Ogletree is known for his tough play on the field, however his leadership qualities have been a gift that has abound towards his teammates. He credits his upbringing and those veteran players that have mentored him along the way. 

"It’s always great to see good people, good players – especially when you look at they invested in him a while in the draft and then you always want to take care of your own," head coach Sean McVay said. "But, since I got here, my exposure to Alec has been one of the more influential players in this locker room. He always goes about his business the right way, he brings people with him. You always talk about what a real true sign of a great leader is – do you bring people with you? It’s not only being a great player, but making people around you better as well. That’s what you see from him."

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