Condi Rice Politely Declines PAC-10's Advances

Legions of the Bay Area unemployed blame the Bush Administration for their predicament. But members of that very administration find themselves being offered plum Bay Area jobs -- and turning them down.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's spokesperson acknowledged Tuesday that Madame Secretary  was "approached about being the new commissioner of the PAC-10 conference", but she turned the job down.

That sound you hear right now is students at ten large West Coast schools sighing in absolute relief.

Ms. Rice was a professor and provost at Stanford prior to taking a job in the Bush Administration, and has returned to the Bay Area to teach and lecture since wrapping up work at the State Department.

She's an enormous football fan and has previously been linked to the NFL Commissioner's position and an executive job with the 49ers.

Admittedly, sports fans might enjoy watching Ms. Rice and President Obama square off over a college football playoff system

On the other hand, we would not so much enjoy her inevitable water boarding of the constantly misbehaving Stanford Tree.

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