Andruw Jones to Ask for a Trade

The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to have a lot of money coming off the payroll this winter. Derek Lowe wants to go back to Boston, Manny Ramirez probably isn't going to come back to the team, and they have a whole bunch of other free agents they'll likely be parting ways with as well. Of course, losing Lowe, Manny, and their other free agents might actually hurt the team, but there's one guy who wants out of Los Angeles that can only help.

Yes, it appears that Andruw Jones thinks that the reason he sucks so bad is because he's wearing a Dodgers uniform, and he has every intent to ask the team to trade him.

Jones has told friends that he plans to approach the Dodgers and ask them to trade him. After hiding their excitement, the Dodgers will then have to find a suitor and determine how much of the $22.1 million they still owe him that they'll have to eat.

Just don't let Andruw eat it, he's gotten fat enough already.

The article speculates that Jones would like to return to Atlanta, but whether or not the Braves would want him back is another question. Aside the fact that Andruw has sucked for a couple of years now -- he hit a whopping .158 this past season in 75 games -- he's also been complaining about a problematic knee.

The same knee he complained about while in Atlanta that led the organization to parting ways with him. So while the Dodgers won't have any qualms whatsoever about trading Jones, I don't think it's going to be very easy to find somebody willing to take him off their hands.

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