Andruw Jones to Join Mets?(!)

As a Met fan, I am having a hard time imagining Andruw Jones, and that perpetual smirk of his, wearing orange and blue. But apparently it's a real possibility, as the Mets are rumored to be interested in acquiring Jones from the Dodgers in return for some sort of prospect and compensation for the bulk of his $18 million salary in 2009.

Jones was widely regarded as a Met-killer during his years with the Braves, though statistically he doesn't really come close to being the Met-killer that guys like Pat Burrell or Chipper Jones have been. Still, the thought of Jones in a Mets uniform just seems very odd. Jones in a corner outfield spot would be extremely odd, especially considering the last time the Mets put a center fielder in right, Mike Cameron, he was too fast for his own good and crashed faces with Carlos Beltran. That's the risk you take when you put a center fielder in a corner spot.
But luckily for the Mets, a knee surgery from last year and the extra weight he's carrying around will likely slow Jones, luckily and likely avoiding a similar collision. Or is that unluckily? If a big part of what makes Jones great is his great defense in center, is he worth acquiring if he can't play center? And is he worth trading for after hitting .222 and .158 the last two seasons? To Omar Minaya, yes ... because acquiring guys during career valleys and catching lightning in a bottle is just what Omar does. But even those type of players that work out, usually don't do so for long (see: Julio Franco, Orlando Hernandez).

So is it really worth it to cross your fingers with one season of Jones after two bad ones over what Ryan Church can do for you in right? And while we're at it, is Andruw Jones being acquired as a bench player? Or for left field to shift Fernando Tatis to the bench? Or is he being acquired to take Church's place in right? And if so, what else does Omar have up his sleeve in terms of a trade? And again, is it all worth it in return for the possibility of Jones bouncing back and regaining his old form?

This observer says no, no matter how much of the contract the Dodgers pick up.

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