Ned Colletti Says, ‘We Want Manny, and Manny Knows It'

You know what? I'm sick of these Manny Ramirez shenanigans. Did anyone actually th't uink Manny was going to sign with the Giants? Or the Yankees? Or anyone but the Dodgers, really? Everyone knows that Manny needs the Dodgers and the Dodgers need Manny and the longer these two sides draw these negotiations out, the more exasperating the whole thing becomes. So how about we lock Scott Boras and Ned Colletti in a room and don't let them come out until they get a deal signed. At worst, Ramirez goes back to the Dodgers and this saga ends. At best, we never hear from Boras or Colletti again. That, friends, is a win-win situation.

Today I think we at least took a step towards getting these two crazy kids together when GM Ned Colletti admitted to reporters that, "We want Manny, and Manny knows it." Since the Dodgers really seem like the only team out there that actually does want Manny, something's probably going to eventually happen on this front. Right? RIGHT?!?

Of course, LA hasn't upped the two-year/$45 million offer they made shortly after the season ended and I think Boras might retire before any of his players sign a two-year deal, so it's a good bet that this stalemate will keep on keepin' on until someone blinks. I'm guessing it'll be Colletti (I think Boras's eyelids are sewn open to prevent accidental blinking) and Manny will get a third and maybe even a fourth year from LA. Which seems kind of stupid, since we're all assuming he's going to sign there anyways, but hey, that's how these things work.

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