Is Marcus Camby Headed Back to New York?

The Knicks desperately wanted Marcus Camby to be included in the deal that sent Zach Randolph to the Clippers, and L.A. wouldn't go for it at the time. But how about now? New York is reportedly at it again, this time trying to get Camby as part of a three-way deal that would supposedly send David Lee to the Portland Trailblazers.

And just what would the Clippers be getting in return for the man who's undoubtedly been their best and most consistent player this season? No one that exciting: former Clippers' sharpshooter Quentin Richardson.

Forgetting the fact that Knicks president Donnie Walsh has denied having these discussions, let's entertain the thought for a minute and see where it gets us. The thought process would be that the Clips are loaded at the forward spot, and have been decimated by injuries to most of their guards. So, hey, why not trade someone who's second in the NBA in rebounds and blocked shots for a retread three-point shooter with no conscience? Please.

Mike Dunleavy just said that he's looking forward to having the team's entire front line healthy, because it's going to be extremely tough for most teams to match up with that kind of talent. It's pretty unlikely that he'd be willing to part with Camby before he can see what his team will be like once everyone gets back. So for now, file this one under "unsubstantiated rumor," and move along -- there's nothing to see here.

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