Is Pete Carroll headed to the 49'ers?

USC Coach reufes to comment on rampant speculation

USC coach Pete Carroll grew up in the bay area.   He was a three sport standout at Redwood High school in football, basketball and baseball and later played free safety at the University of the Pacific.  The question now is will the lure of going back home be strong enough for him to leave the Trojans.  On Monday, the San Francisco 49'ers fired head coach Mike Nolan, replacing him with Mike Singletary on an interim basis.  The key word being interim because if Carroll wants the job it's his.  Yet Pete hasn't found much success in the NFL, having been fired as the head coach of both the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Every year the Carroll to the NFL rumors are heard but this time they are starting earlier because of the 49'ers mess.  At his weekly news conference on Tuesday, Pete refused to comment on the rampant speculation that he could bolt for the city by the bay.  Trojan fans always ask themselves why would he leave.  He makes nearly 3 million dollars, his teams are nationally ranked year in and year out and he loves recruiting.  Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga even came calling a few years ago but Pete said no.  Will he say no again?  For Pete Sakes, please do!!

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