Kobe Jersey Or New BMW 328i?

If you needed any more proof that Kobe Bryant’s redemption is complete, here it is.

At an auction this week (co-sponsored by the NBA and the MeiGray Group Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program), a memorabila collector spent $35,270 to get Kobe’s game worn jersey from the first game of this year’s NBA Finals. The winning bidder was "jtnbafan," who also spent $1,770 to get Hedo Turkoglu’s Magic jersey from the same game.

If you wanted to spend that much money, you could instead have purchased a 2009 BMW 328i. Or the 2009 Audi A4. Or an 18-karat gold case for your Blackberry. Or an ice cream machine that pumps liquid nitrogen.

Really, any of that might make more sense than spending that money on a sweat-soaked jersey you can’t wash.

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