Lakers Take Shot of Tequila

After next year's championship, the Lakers may be spraying tequila all over each other instead of champagne.

OK, probably not. But if they had to choose a brand to splash around post-victory, they would now officially celebrate with 1800 Silver Tequila.

On Thursday, the Lakers announced a new partnership with Proximo Spirits -- making 1800 Tequila an official partner of your Los Angeles Lakers.

As part of the multi-million dollar deal, Proximo scored advertising rights and use on and off-premise of the Lakers logo. This is the first time that a spirits company has signed an exclusive tequila deal with the Lakers.

"Our goal is to ensure that Lakers games are the most enjoyable and exciting games to watch," said Los Angeles Lakers Chief Marketing Officer Tim Harris.

Well, tequila will definitely do that. And because nothing is enjoyable or exciting about DUIs, all messaging will be connected with a responsible drinking statement.

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