Lamar Odom Sees Reality, Doesn't Like It

NBA free agency is ruled by the simple economic theory of supply and demand. And just like the free market everywhere, what is in demand and what is not can make absolutely no sense.

That must be what is going through Lamar Odom’s head right now.

He is a key cog in the team that just won the NBA title, a rare 6’10” player who can both rebound and hit the three, run the offense like a point guard or play in the post. And he is a guy loved in the locker room.

But he is getting no love from NBA front offices. There is almost no demand for Odom’s services — he had a lukewarm meeting with Portland and some other teams but nothing solid.

And because there is no demand, there is no reason for the Lakers to make a big offer. Ron Artest just took $5.8 million — not chump change but less than one would think he is worth — just to play with the Lakers. The Lakers are allegedly not offering Lamar Odom much more than that.

Meanwhile, Andrea Bargnani is getting $10 million a year to stick around in Toronto and Anderson Varejao got $50 million over six years to just play defense, rebound and stay out of LeBron James way in Cleveland. If those two guys are worth that, what is Odom really worth?

Well, Odom is worth what the market will pay him, and right now the Lakers offer in the $6 million range (quite a drop from the $11 million he made last season) is the best he may get.

Odom is taking his time, and he should. Take your time to find the best deal you can. But the bottom line is, you get paid what the market will pay. And right now, despite all his skills, the market isn’t paying Lamar Odom what he thinks he’s worth.

And that can be hard to accept. But what other options does he have?

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