Pete Carroll Is Pumped to Be On Twitter!

People in Los Angeles have long been stereotyped as being a little too into themselves, so maybe it's not that surprising that L.A. was recently found out to have the most Twittering going on out of any city in the entire country. And it's not just limited to the common folk, either: some of the city's most talked about personalities are "tweeting" away on a regular basis.

One pillar of the Los Angeles sports community has recently gotten hooked on the Twitter habit, and like everything he does, he seems really into it and really excited about sharing his thoughts and feelings with the world. We're talking about the head football coach for the USC Trojans, Pete Carroll.

Carroll's bio on his Twitter page sums up what the coach and master motivator is about in just four words:

"Always Compete! Win Forever!"

And the exclamation points don't end there.

Carroll seems pumped about almost everything he sends out, as the multiple exclamation points at the end of his tweets reveal to his more than 2,300 followers. Here are his last three updates:

"Talking football philosophy with the coaches this morning... One of my favorite meetings of the year!!!"

"About time for a recruiting meeting... Working on the 2010 guys already!!"

"Dodgers got Manny!! Yeah!!!!"

Whether you're into the Trojan football program or not, the fact that Carroll is so full of positive energy makes following him on Twitter a no-brainer.

Now, if we can just find out what indeed did happen to the band OMC for him, we might see a record number of exclamation points in return. Yeah!!

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