Dallas Stars' boring, LA Kings' sharp third jerseys revealed

Since their previous attempt at a third jersey resembled the female reproductive system -- and was summarily dissed by noted fashion aficionado Sean Avery in Men's Vogue -- the Dallas Stars can be excused for getting a little conservative with their newest alternate sweater, revealed today by the team.

But honestly: A photo negative of the black jerseys the team already wears? Seriously? It's a slight upgrade from the current white jersey, and might make for a solid replacement in the near future. But as a special-occasion third jersey that fans should want to flock to purchase, it's about as extraordinary and mold-breaking as Nickelback.

Meanwhile, Chris from Icethetics (congrats on the NHL.com love) revealed the Los Angeles Kings' new third jersey early this morning, or at least the best leak we've seen of its design.

From Icethetics, which published the artist's rendering seen here:

It's black with the new banner-shaped logo on the front. Broad white stripes wrap around the elbows and thin white piping runs from the collar to the wrist.

There may be some silver in the sweater but it's not easy to make out in this grainy scan. The numbering and lettering appears to be the same as what's used on the home and road jerseys. This is one of those jerseys that I have no doubt will look stellar once it's on a hockey player.


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Agreed. But there's some debating Chris's point that "simplicity makes for a killer uniform." The third jerseys that have worked -- the St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres to name two -- certainly have used a simple design or a throwback aesthetic to really shine. And one that hasn't, the Atlanta Thrashers' Crayola nightmare, was anything but simple.

But simple has also meant safe and boring, like the Stars' jersey or the Ottawa "Super Nintendo" sweater. Say what you will about this monstrosity, but at least it's something more than someone stamping "BOLTS" or "SENS" on the front of a sweater like a B-level youth travel team jersey.

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