Puck Headlines: Is Tortorella set to replace Renney with Rangers?

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• The Renney firing and a few other things have made today's production schedule a mess. We'll have the Create-a-Card Flickr gallery up later. We think.

• The New York Rangers fire Tom Renney, and the reactions are pouring in from the NY Post and Newsday. Our Rangers friend Joe McDonald of NY Sports Day made the observation that the lack of an immediate announced replacement made it appear that Renney's successor wouldn't come from inside the organization. Sure enough, the Journal News is reporting that "the new coach will almost 100 percent certainly be John Tortorella." Predictable, but still a bit of a "wow," huh?

• The Anaheim Ducks cried to the NHL about getting too many penalties, saw the calls even out, and are back to crying about getting too many penalties. Well, they do wear orange and black. [Ducks Blog, via Snapshots]

• Arguing why the Philadelphia Flyers don't need Jay Bouwmeester. Besides the fact that he has the comportment of an accountant and they play in Philadelphia. [Philly.com]

• The Flyers have upped the ante in the Spirit Squad arms race. When the apocalypse hits, we can't think of anywhere we'd rather be then behind the wheel of an all-terrain T-shirt shooter. [Barry Melrose Rocks]


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• Yet another look at the Claude Lemieux/Kris Draper relationship, as the Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks prepare for another showdown this week. At this point, the only unturned stone in this story would be an interview with the boards in Colorado from the '96 playoffs. [Sportsnet]

• Speaking of partying like it's 1996: The rats are back for the Florida Panthers. [Miami Herald]

Martin Brodeur says he's ready; doesn't finish the thought with "for seconds." [Fire & Ice]

• Robert L looks at how Bob Gainey may have saved Alexei Kovalev's season. How about this description of Kovalev as a player: "Enigma is the word that comes back time and again when describing him. It is likely one Kovalev would use in qualifying himself. Kovalev, we have learned and are learning, looks most confused and lost on the ice, when he is caring the most and is stumped for solutions. It is in his own nature not to turn to anyone for help when trouble comes. His clouded isolation becomes our grief and frustration, his tortured soul morphing into our desperate anger." [Eyes on the Prize]

• The Pittsburgh Penguins/Washington Capitals showdown drew a 1.1/3 overnight rating for NBC. [Puck The Media]

Mike Green, Alexander Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Donald Brashear and Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins took in some MMA action at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. over the weekend. Or as one of our friends put it: "I'm more excited by the dime pieces they're toting." [DC Sports Bog]

• Tecmo from the great Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies lost a bet. Which means the Penguins-centric site is, for one post, a loving tribute to the Washington Capitals today. [PSMP]

• If the Los Angeles Kings are truly falling out of the playoff race, is it because they have no discernable personality? [Puck Update]

• Really fascinating look at how the removal or addition of certain players from the lineup has had a dramatic effect on the Atlanta Thrashers. [Birdwatchers Anonymous]

• Awesome coverage of Kurtis Foster's comeback attempt with the Minnesota Wild. [Ballz, H/T Puck Buddy John Royal]

• You know, for a guy whose team is pretty much a mess, Brian Burke is being a pretty discerning shopper as the deadline approaches. [Sun Media]

• Not hockey, but rather interesting: Ken Griffey, Jr. has an attendance clause in his contract, where he gets a bonus if a certain gate number is achieved. Interesting ... [CNBC]

• Finally, two great videos to share from the weekend. First, it's the ageless Gary Roberts taking on Mark Stuart of the Boston Bruins in the Tampa Bay Lightning's upset win (H/T to Puck Buddy Ruthe):

• And then there was this priceless highlight from the Vancouver Canucks/Toronto Maple Leafs game, in which Mats Sundin was given  a judo chop from a referee. Happy homecoming indeed ... [Nucks Misconduct]

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