Video: Puck Daddy chats with Carey Price about booze and Jesus

As part of our mission to overtake Jeff Finger in both power and influence, Puck Daddy will feature much more original video content in 2009. Hopefully this means digital shorts (from the makers of "The Funeral Burgers"!), mini-documentaries, a little help from friends like YouTube superstar Steve Dangle and whatever the hell a Vlog is.

It also means you'll have a chance to see how NHL players react to the inane questions that have made our Q&A's so endearing.

Like, for example, this short chat with Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens at the 2009 NHL All-Star Game* media day, which may exist solely so we could ask him whether anyone's called him Jesus Price to his face.

Puck Daddy chats with Carey Price at the All-Star Game @ Yahoo! Video

Wonder if Price will still answer "the fans" if he hasn't achieved his manifest destiny of a Stanley Cup in the next several years ...

So there it is: short, sweet and poorly produced. These will only get better. Hang with us as we boldly go where no VHS-watching technological luddites have ever gone before.

* There's a techie mumbo-jumbo answer for why our camcorder files needed to be converted before being uploaded, and we just figured it all out. Apologies for all-star game questions two weeks after the game was played; be gentle when we ask Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings a few more during Wednesday's video interview.

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