When It Comes to Randolph, Dunleavy Is Delusional

There's a difference between trying to see the good in someone and being just plain blind. Unfortunately for the Clippers where Zach Randolph is concerned, Mike Dunleavy doesn't seem to be able to see at all.

Following Randolph's DUI arrest, Dunleavy did the right thing by issuing a two-game suspension to his player for conduct detrimental to the team. But his comments about the incident seemed to try to justify both his decision to trade for Randolph, as well as the less than desirable behavior of driving under the influence.

"I think Zach has matured; obviously this was bad judgment as far as being out the time he was out, etc.," Dunleavy said. "But in talking to him . . . it wasn't like he was out clubbing. He was at a condo in Marina del Rey going to his house in Marina del Rey, probably about a mile difference, going a short distance."

First of all, the traffic stop took place on the 405 freeway, so saying that he was only traveling "about a mile" seems like a bit of an understatement. But regardless of the specifics, should the coach and GM of an NBA team really be trying to say that drunk driving isn't that big of a deal when the distance isn't that far? Dunleavy might -- might -- have a point if the incident occurred on a deserted surface street, but the 405 is virtually never deserted, and any accident that Randolph could have caused as a result of his impaired condition would have undoubtedly involved other drivers.

Clippers' execs (Dunleavy included) also defended their decision to trade for Randolph, saying that the only problems in his past were when he played in Portland, and that he didn't get into any trouble in New York with the Knicks. That might be true, but several team sources saw the writing on the wall, and were in a rush to send Randolph packing before he could get himself involved with anything that would embarrass the team -- you know, like a DUI arrest.

Dunleavy trying to justify his dealing for Randolph is one thing, but trying to downplay the DUI arrest is quite another. The former is understandable; the latter is indefensible.

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