Los Angeles

Firefighters Help Track Down Suspect That Pushed Man into Truck in Downtown LA

An arrest has been made Wednesday following graphic surveillance footage surfacing of a man seemingly pushing a stranger off the sidewalk and into the road, where the victim was pinned under a truck.

The truck stops once making contact with the victim, and the driver appears to get out of the vehicle to make sense of the incident. Upon seeing a man struggling under the front left tire of the truck, the driver of the truck proceeds to jump back into the driver's seat and back up immediately to free the victim.

The victim was in critical condition and suffered a punctured lung but was expected to survive, according to police.

Firefighters near 3rd Street and Hill Street recognized the suspect wearing the bright green jacket from the video and called police, which led to the arrest, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD said the suspect was a known local transient and is facing attempted murder charges.

According to the time mark on the surveillance video that captured the incident, the man was pushed at approximately 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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