Culver City

Suspected Naked Burglar Found Stuck in Chimney

The man tried to explain why he was in the chimney

A suspected burglar was found naked and stuck in a chimney in a Ladera Heights home after a neighbor heard his calls for help.

Portia Woffard, who lives across the street, said she heard strange noises coming from the house Saturday morning. 

"I just heard a voice out of nowhere saying 'Hi can you bring me water?'" Woffard said. "I said 'Yeah I will, where are you?' Then he said 'in the chimney." 

Woffard got the man water and started recording the incident on her cellphone. 

The man allegedly broke into a Culver City home a block away. After being spooked by a neighbor, he took off running into the Ladera Heights neighborhood. He was found by sheriffs deputies, naked in the chimney, two hours later.  

Woffard said the man tried to explain why he was in the chimney. 

"He said people were trying to kill him, he did drugs, somebody laced his drugs," Woffard said. "He said he needed water, he's harmless." 

Firefighters hoisted the man out of the chimney after putting a towel around his waist. The man was medically cleared.

The owner of the home was not there when the man was stuck in the chimney.

The suspect was charged with residential burglary and in Culver City jail as of Sunday night. 

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