Talking Cameras Have Message for Taggers

Los Angeles police are using motion-activated cameras to warn vandals that they're being watched.

The motion triggers a recorded voice that states, "This is the Los Angeles Police Department. It is illegal to spray graffiti or dump trash here."

The voice warns vandals that they are being recorded and will be prosecuted.

The camera provides a high-resolution image of the tagger and the vehicle. It can capture an image of a license plate from 250 feet.

"We don't have a doubt that we'll be able to identify them once we get them on camera," said Capt. Sharyn Buck.

Three cameras installed last year led to an 85-percent decline in graffiti and those locations, according to the LAPD. The LAPD recently installed 10 more cameras.

The cameras were installed after a series of violent confrontations that involved vandals. A woman in Pico Rivera was killed last summer when she confronted taggers near her home.

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