4th of July

Watching the Fireworks Show in Long Beach? Here are Road Closures You Should Know About

Long Beach has multiple road closures from July 4-7. Here are some detours to avoid being stuck

Long Beach has multiple road closures throughout downtown from July 4 through the 7, meaning if you're checking out the Queen Mary's fireworks show, you're going to need to plan ahead. 

The areas primarily affected are the area around Queen Mary, Carnival Cruise terminal and sites heading west out of downtown Long Beach.

The three routes affected are: Southbound Habor Scenic Drive, Eastbound Ocean Boulevard - leaving San Pedro and Terminal Island heading into downtown Long Beach - and Westbound Ocean Boulevard, leaving downtown Long Beach heading toward San Pedro. 

The Port of Long Beach put detours in place for drivers.

Drivers going southbound on the 710 Freeway toward the Queen Mary for the Fourth of July fireworks show are advised to take the "Port of Long Beach/Queen Mary" exit and follow the detour signs.

The other detour route to the Queen Mary from the southbound 710 will be to take the "Downtown Long Beach, Convention Center" exit then to Shoreline Drive. From there, turn right onto Queens Way and follow the signs. 

If you are traveling eastbound on Ocean from the Terminal Island area, drivers  going to Queen Mary will get off at Pico Avenue south off-ramp. Then turn right and head down Pico Avenue until you turn left onto South Harbor Scenic Drive. Follow the signs. 

Those heading into downtown Long Beach from eastbound Ocean should turn left at the Pico/710 off-ramp, head north, turn right onto 9th Street, then continue on to the downtown on-ramp onto Shoreline Drive.

Those traveling west on Ocean Boulevard toward San Pedro will be diverted north onto Golden Shore. Golden Shore connects to the nothbound 710 freeway.

The four day closure is needed so crews can demolish an overpass as part of the new bridge project at the Port of Long Beach. The closure is scheduled to end at noon on July 7. 

For the latest traffic updates and construction news, visit www.newgdbridge.com, or download the "LBBridge" app. 

For the latest traffic updates and construction news, visit www.newgdbridge.com, or download the "LBBridge" app.
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