Thieves Steal U-Haul Truck With Family's Treasured Belongings

A Long Beach family is devastated after thieves stole a U-Haul truck with their belongings inside, including pieces that have been with the family for decades.

Pat Ayers says had packed the truck Saturday night to help give him a head start the next day. He locked up the 15-foot truck and parked it in front of his house on 37th Street near Orange Avenue just before falling asleep around midnight.

"Woke up Sunday morning and it was gone, the whole truck," he said. "I took a double take."

Police found the truck abandoned about 4 miles from Ayers' house, but it was empty.

"Jewelry that had been around for years and years and years - our wedding rings," he said.

Also missing was one-of-a-kind, hand-made wooden wagon that belonged to Ayers' wife, who planned to pass it down to their two sons.

Their son, Kyle Ayers, said his bicycle and some of his clothes were taken, too.

While Ayers did buy insurance for any damage done to the truck, it doesn't cover the personal belongings in the truck.

"Material possessions can be replaced, it's just the stuff - the memories, kids photos and wedding rings," are irreplaceable, he said.

Anyone who would like to help the Ayers family was asked to call 661-313-2969.

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