Bouncing Tire Slams Through Windshield, Roof of School Police Car

The vehicle was struck by the bouncing tire on the 110 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles

Lanes were closed on a freeway near downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning as authorities investigated a report of a tire that bounced across the road and slammed through the front of a school police officer's car.

California Highway Patrol officers earlier received a report of a tire bouncing in lanes on the 110 Freeway near the 10 Freeway. The tire -- likely from a trailer traveling in southbound lanes -- bounced across a median and then struck the Los Angeles School Police Department vehicle near the busy interchange, according to authorities.

The tire shattered the car's windshield and tore through part of the roof.

Lanes were closed for the police investigation, leading to an early morning backup on the 110 Freeway. Lanes reopened just before 7 a.m.

The car's driver was hospitalized with minor injuries, according to the CHP.

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