Titanic, Vietnam War Exhibits on Display at Reagan Library

The exhibits will include unique items and provide for an immersive experience

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum on Wednesday began moving in pieces for two new Titanic and Vietnam War-based installations.

The "Titanic at the Reagan Library" exhibit will include real artifacts from the ship, while the "Take Me Home Huey" art installation is an immersive piece created from the remains of a historic U.S. Army Huey helicopter that was shot down in 1969 during a medical rescue.

The Titanic exhibit is unique in that it includes items from the ocean top that were gathered in a recovery mission. "Nothing came from the ocean floor. This is an all-new exhibit, never-before-seen items," said spokeswoman for the library Melissa Giller.

"Take Me Home Huey" is the creation of contemporary artist Steve Maloney, who said he was inspired by the 50th commemoration of the Vietnam War. "I thought if I could find an iconic symbol of that war period, then I could bring about an exhibit that would help bring out conversation and healing for those veterans that never got a welcome home," Maloney said.

Both exhibits will be open over the Memorial Day weekend. "Titanic at the Reagan Library" will be open from this Saturday to January 7, 2018, while "Take Me Home Huey" will be there only until May 29 of this year.

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