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Torrance Officers Save Life of 3-Month-Old Baby at Mall

Torrance police officers Joshua Satterfield and Christopher Tomsic have been honored with the South Bay Medal of Valor award for responding to one of the toughest calls an officer can receive – a baby who was not breathing.

The officers were on patrol when they got the call of a baby not breathing at Del Amo Mall.

"The infant was lifeless, limp, cold, blue and grey," Tomsic said.

Satterfield said the mother of Lily, a 3 months old, was distressed and frantic.

"She was scared. Bystanders were trying to help out," Tomsic said. "They were trying to do what they could."

Satterfield and Tomsic held the baby and Tomsic began giving Lily chest compressions to maintain a heart rhythm and oxygen throughout her body.

The pair were successful in reviving the baby, and they received the award for their successful life-saving efforts.

"That's why we go through all the training we do, to be ready for any scenario," said Tomsic, who was on his very first solo patrol when the two officers received the call.

"I have an infant of my own," Tomsic said. "She is 8 months so especially to get that kinda call – it's one of the scarier calls."

The officers said the rescue was a team effort due to the other officers who held the crowd back as Tomsic administered the life-saving procedure.

"We have a job to do, and we have to kind of lock those feelings away in those moments because we have to do what we can to save that person's life," Satterfield said.

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