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Bye Bye, Bikini Baristas



    Breakfast of Champions

    Bikini-clad baristas will no longer be serving up coffee in Torrance.

    Bikini Espresso, a four-month old drive-through coffee shop with a sexy and scantily clad staff, is already wrapping things up.

    The DailyBreeze reported that Bikini Espresso's owner, Gary Gillett, got fed up with "excessive regulations to hinder his marketing efforts," and threw in the proverbial beach towel on his business.

    Gillett's marketing efforts included replacing his sign with a mural of a woman bathing in a coffee cup, and placing a jumpy castle outside the shop for customers -- both flagged by the city for lack of proper permits.

    Torrance's Mayor Frank Scotto responsed to the accusations by calling them "ludicrous." He added,  "As anybody that's in any city, there's certain rules that they have to abide by."

    Gillett claims he was "losing money every day [Bikini Espresso] was open," and ultimately posted a sign saying he's "relocating to a bikini-friendly town."