Will Smith Singing “La Bamba” on Instagram is Pretty Hilarious

He's been on Instagram only a couple months, but he's pretty darn good at it.

Will Smith showed his 9 million Instagram followers that he is still pretty fresh -- and can sing "La Bamba" in Spanish.

In a video he posted to his account on Monday, the 49-year-old actor responded to the rash of criticism he received after releasing a video on Saturday where he tries to sing the Ritchie Valens song, a 1958 classic. But this time, he knew every word.

"Some of y’all were roasting me in the comments for not knowing the words to La Bamba the other day..." Smith wrote. The actor addressed both his followers and detractors.

"Many people in the comments made fun of me because I did not know the words of 'La Bamba'," Smith said in the video in Spanish.

It was then that the actor, known for his roles in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and several other films, began to sing La Bamba in Spanish while driving his car. It was a performance that proves that this prince is still pretty fresh. 

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