‘I Couldn't Move': Woman Viciously Attacked in Riverside Parking Garage

Police are working to identify the man who viciously attacked a woman inside a Riverside parking garage following a fender bender.

Corrina Lopez, 24, says it's been a little more than a week since she was attacked, but the bruises on her face are still apparent. She says it all began on Jan. 13 when a car bumped into her friend's car inside a parking garage around 11:45 p.m.

The pair heard a "dink," she said, so they both exited the car to make sure everything was OK.

But Lopez told NBC4 that the group of people in the other car started acting aggressively.

"They got out and started talking rude … like get back in your car," she said.

The two groups got into a heated argument following the fender bender, but the situation eventually calmed down when Lopez's friend didn't see any visible damage to his car.

The men shook hands and as Lopez got back into the car, one of the men said, "Shut your b---- up before I spit and slap on her."

Lopez didn't like that so she "stood up for myself."

She yelled back at the man, and that's when she was attacked by him and a woman.

"She grabbed me and his hand went over her shoulder and they got me to the floor. I woke up and I was just looking at the blood on the floor and everyone was yelling and I couldn't move," Lopez said.

When her friend tried to intervene, he too was beaten and suffered a broken nose.

The Riverside Police Department says this should serve as a warning to anyone who gets into a similar situation.

"It's best to walk away and not even engage if you have another party that's going to be very hostile or potentially turn violent," said Officer Ryan Railsback.

Railsback advises anyone in a similar situation to just stay in the vehicle and call police for help.

Lopez is taking that advice to heart, but she's also hoping someone will help police identify the man who sucker punched her, leaving her with a broken nose and a black eye.

"I would like for him to go to jail, because he could do this to anybody else," Lopez said.

She says the suspect goes by the name "Dez" and was driving a silver Audi at the time of the incident.

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