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Southern California Trades Snow For Wind

Thursday conditions test driving skills, wardrobe



    Southern California Trades Snow For Wind

    Strong wind gusts on Thursday, after a day of rain and snow, made driving across the Inland Empire quite a challenge.

    "The wind pulls us over a lot," said driver Dora Estrada. "We were driving up to Rialto and it was kind of bad."

    The wind storm started during the overnight hours for many Inland residents, and it continued into the morning.

    "We live right at Hunter's Ridge so we got the stronger part of it," said homeowner Rene Contreras. "It was strong enough to wake us up and kind of shake the house."

    High Winds Hit Southern California

    [LA] High Winds Hit Southern California
    Powerful winds moved into Southern California early Thursday, making a cold day seem even colder
    (Published Friday, Feb. 17, 2012)

    The rain lifted the humidity, at least for a few hours, before dry conditions were expected. The weather was an inconvenience for some people, and a reminder of what has been an unusual winter.

    "I wanted to go snowboarding but it's too late for that, I think," said student Marissa Lopez.

    One thing everyone seems to like is the view.  Wind clears away smog and haze, showing off Southern California's famous mountains.