626 Night Market Is Back with So Much Delish

Chow down on ramen, gyoza, elote, and all manner of magical desserts at Santa Anita Park.

What to Know

  • June 29-July 1
  • Arcadia
  • $5 admission; free parking

Making a plate-based plan with your buds when arriving at a busy food market — you go get the potatoes, I'll pick up the ramen, and we'll both split the gyoza — is always a capital idea.

And it's an idea that grows especially excellent when entering a place as large and lovely and tummy-tempting and flavor-dazzling as 626 Night Market.

But let's be real.

Once your friend returns, or you do, and you eye what the other person is holding, suddenly the whole split-it decision of earlier has lost its shine. So, yep: Everyone heads back to get one of everything, as is the winning way at this global-minded pop-up.

So how to choose your eats at 626, which finds its inspiration in alfresco Asian marketplaces, those delicious, food-filled destinations that famously bustle after sundown? 

"Deliciously overwhelming" is a common feeling while standing among the booths and fragrances and attendees holding potato sticks and slushies and waffles and noodles.

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Step one: Study up on all of the buzzed-about vendors joining year seven of the popular market.

Or simply arriving at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia with a commitment to try three new cuisines, or four new-to-you dishes, is a promising avenue, too.

There are four weekend-big 626 Night Markets over the summer of 2018, with the first one running through Sunday, July 1.

Admission is five bucks and parking is free.

Now, to the nibbles and vittles and noshes and gotta-try-its: Woos Crepe and Zumo Zuzhi Burrito and Shrimp Daddy and Ramen Tatsunoya and Poki Go and Paella! Paella! and Norigami and Momma Fung Buns are all on the roster.

So go Santa Anita Park for one of summer's most suppable and spectacular food markets. Just don't forget the cash for your bites, after that fiver for entry.

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