A Notable Local Nog Makes a Limited-Time Return

Miss sipping Chef David Lentz's lively libation at The Hungry Cat? Pick it up or have it delivered from a.o.c. before the 2020 wraps.

Big Dave's Eggnog/tacojim

What to Know

  • Order for pick up or delivery at a.o.c. (the restaurant is temporarily closed for indoor/outdoor dining)
  • Through Dec. 31, 2020 (supplies are limited)
  • $42 for 32 ounces, $24 for $16 ounces

Pause, if you will, and picture those iconic foods and drinks that are famous for being incredibly change-up-able.

Chili qualifies, because it can be made a hundred different ways (or maybe a thousand), and the margarita works, too, thanks to all of the various fruits and flavors that pair so well with a nice tequila.

But an egg nog is pretty classically, fully, and unapologetically itself.

It's going to be thick, it is going to be rich, there will be a spice element, and if adults are imbibing, there may be a spirit, or several, present.

Which means that for a nog to be notable, it has to be a quaff of quality, one with incredible ingredients and plenty of flair on behalf of the nog's mixer.

And when that inventive mixer is Chef David Lentz? Oh sweet nutmeg: You're talking about one buzzed-about beverage, an egg nog that's become beloved in local sip-seeking circles

Chef Lentz's own Big Dave's Famous Eggnog, a family recipe, has reached the SoCal cocktail stratosphere, in terms of those who've tried it continuing to talk about it, even in the non-December parts of the year.

If you enjoyed a Big Dave's Famous Eggnog at The Hungry Cat back in the day, before the Hollywood eatery closed, you can find it again, for pick up or delivery, at a.o.c. on West Third Street.

For Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne are bringing back the cream-strong concoction, for just a few weeks, for the fans who've missed it.

Sixteen ounces of the seasonal stuff are going for $24, while a 32-ounce bottle is priced at $42.

"My father-in-law 'Big Dave' inherited this recipe from his father, and this Lentz recipe has been carefully guarded for three generations. It's a fundamental part of our holiday traditions and celebrations — and, honestly, pretty much everyone who tries it wants a bottle for themself or to gift," states Suzanne Goin.

According to her husband, Chef David Lentz, "It's a classic eggnog with a secret blend — seriously, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement with my own father!"

"All I can tell you is that it’s made with spiced rum, cognac and Jameson whiskey and finished with nutmeg and cinnamon."

Where to order, how to pick it up, and the delivery details for your at-home nog fest? Make for the a.o.c. wine bar page now to order online.

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