Akasha's Festive ‘Vodka & Latkes' Hanukkah Menu Is Here

Order a splendid supper, either for delivery or pick-up, and enjoy a host of modern spins on traditional dishes at home.


What to Know

  • Dec. 10-18, 2020
  • Culver City (available for pick-up or delivery only)
  • Dishes are available a la carte ($8-$20 appetizers, $20-$40 entrees)

Lovely latkes, in a sizable stack, or placed side to side to side, or lined up on a long dish, or drizzled with apple sauce, or dolloped with sour cream, and utterly cheery thanks to loads of chives?

We dream about such delights, throughout the calendar, which means when December arrives, along with the scrumptious staples of the Hanukkah table, we're ready for loads of latkes on our plate.

And lucky LA: Several Southern California restaurants make marvelous potato pancakes, those fried-golden goodies that make the Festival of Lights all the more delicious.

Akasha Restaurant in Culver City is one of these latke-perfecting locations, and the eatery is going all-out on the pick-up or delivery front for Hanukkah 2020.

Look to the venue's tempting Hanukkah "Vodka & Latkes" menu, a roster that includes, yes, vodka cocktails, lovely latkes, and a host of other plates that have traditional nods and modern flair in equal parts.

Good to know? This menu isn't about a packaged meal, but rather à la carte choices. So you'll want to pick whatever treats speak to you, and add it all up, rather than going for a pre-set supper.

Also from the "good to know" category? The restaurant will need 48 hours notice, so keep that in mind when you plan what night you and your family would like to enjoy your dinner.

And, yes: The food arrives both "chilled" and "pre-cooked," so make time for heating all of your delicious dishes well before the hour you'd like to sup.

Some intriguing eats? Well, definitely, the Yukon Gold potato latkes. You'll receive a half dozen for ten dollars, and they'll need to be heated. They're gluten-free, too.

Look also for a slow-braised beef brisket, a chicken tangine with citrus, saffron, and olives, and sweet noodle kugel, too.

Prices and details on the dishes may be found here.

On the sip side of the menu? The grown-up libations are bright and spirited: The Jelly Donut includes apricot jam, vodka rife with cranberry kick, lemon, and, mmm, mint. It's $25.

Again, order at least two days in advance, and know that your food will be chilled.

More on this tasty tradition and a flavorful and festive way to greet Hanukkah? Begin here.

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