A Truffle Menu Just Popped up at Two SoCal Shake Shacks

Make for the El Segundo and Glendale locations for the luscious limited-time offerings.

Shake Shack

What to Know

  • Regalis Foods is the partner on the quartet of truffle-themed offerings
  • A Black Truffle Burger, complete with "real black truffle sauce," is on the menu, which launched on Dec. 1
  • Find the burgers at the El Segundo (2171 Rosecrans Ave.) and Glendale (252 S. Brand) locations

The seasons all possess their own distinctive characters, quirks, and, yes, flavors, too.

And if you had to pick a time of the year that was especially redolent of the truffle, that layered-in-tone, earthy-of-depth fungus, you'd surely flip the calendar straight to the fall months.

For autumn is the traditional stretch when suppers inspired by the subterranean superstar really shine, thanks to the fact that so many mushroom-oriented jaunts tend to happen when the weather cools down and woodsy regions take on a loamy look.

Shake Shack understands the fall-meets-truffle connection. And the company, which started nearly 20 years ago in New York but now boasts several LA outposts, is honoring this umami-awesome season with a line-up of limited-time truffle-tastic burgers.

Regalis Foods, an enterprise that celebrates luxury ingredients, specialty imports, and foodie finds, is Shake Shack's partner on the truffle-terrific tastes.

The Black Truffle Burger, the Black Truffle 'Shroom Burger, the Black Truffle Shake Stack, and a Black Truffle Sauce on the Side make up the four flavorful offerings.

As for what is delivering that truffle-y kick?

It's the Regalis USDA Organic Black Truffle Arbequina Oil, which is created with real truffles (a distinction to note).

Some of the other elements add to the elegant nature of fast-food-meets-foodie-fun: All three burgers arrive on a toasted Martin's potato bun, and Gruyere cheese from Roth Cheese is the dairy feature on both the Black Truffle Burger and the Black Truffle Shake Stack.

But do the price points reflect the spendier aspects of truffle fandom? Check it out: Both the Black Truffle Burger and the Black Truffle 'Shroom Burger are priced at $8.89 each, while the Black Truffle Shake Stack goes for $11.89.

And that tempting on-the-side sauce? It's $1.50, should you want to dress up your fries in something that recalls fall's forest-y side, at least in spirit.

Spent hours watching food shows, the kind that follow pros on the search for super-rare truffles?

Making your way to either the El Segundo Shake Shack or Shake Shack in Glendale won't require you to suit up for a day spent rambling around the woods.

But you will get to enjoy that prettily pungent zow that the truffle so famously delivers, especially when paired with a hearty hand-holdable like a classic Shake Shack burger.

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