Adorableness Ahead at the Bulldog Beauty Pageant

Several light-hearted competitions, involving bulldogs and other pups, are trotting into Marine Stadium.

What to Know

  • Marine Stadium
  • Long Beach
  • Sunday, Feb. 11

The 142nd annual Westminster Kennel Club will soon captivate canine mavens the world over, but we here in Southern California can find some light-hearted competition of the dogly kind to keep us engaged before the big show from New York City commences.

Look to Marine Stadium, in Long Beach, on Sunday, Feb. 11, where 20 contests, of a tongue-waggy, leap-fun, wet-snouted nature, will unroll.

Or, should we say, roll around on the grass, in joy and exuberance, like every dog you've ever known.

The Bulldog Beauty Contest is the main event of the day, and if you think you'll spy a caboodle of stout, broad-of-shoulder, smiley-of-mug dreamboats, the kind of cuties that just wants a scratch behind the ear and a cuddle, you're thinking in the right direction.

But other competitions will also draw spectators' attention and awwws, from the Best Senior Dog to Best Ears to Best Costume/Outfit to Best Smile. And, yep, pups from all breeds and backgrounds can participate.

If you want your tail-wagger to take part, there's an advance entry fee. It's ten bucks, which will benefit spay and neuter efforts as well as Justin Rudd's Community Action Team.

And if you know Mr. Rudd's name, it might be because you're a fan of the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade, which he helms, or the other animal-nice events that are a part of the Haute Dog/Long Beach scene.

What happens if your beloved hound places first in her category? Best clear some wall space or a spot on the shelf: A blue ribbon could be hers to keep, or a frame-ready certificate.

It's all free to watch, coo over, applaud over, and cheer on, hurrah. And as there are 20 competitions in all? Plan on plenty of cooing, squealing, cheering, and wishing you could personally be friends with all of the dogs there. 

Who hasn't wished to be friends with every dog they see? It's a feeling that's very much up'd at the annual Bulldog Beauty Pageant.

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