Aquarium Penguin Chicks Grow Up, Join Habitat

Want to help name one? That chance will be auctioned in October.

Any parent knows this truism: Time flies, but when a little one is getting big, it seems to whoosh.

Such has been the case with the Aquarium of the Pacific's penguin chicks. Born to parents Roxy and Floyd in late June, the wee hatchlings became immediate internet favorites, courtesy of a webcam that focused on their cute crib. Nope, it wasn't a typical human crib, of course, but the snug space did keep the duo cozy (and there was a private, off-camera area where they could retreat to whenever they wished).

But chicks grow, and these did, too, meaning that they reached an age where staffers determined they could join the other Magellanic Penguins inside the June Keyes Habitat.

The habitat, which is located inside the Long Beach-based ocean institution, debuted in spring of 2012. And here's a fun thing: It has an above-water webcam and a below-water webcam.

Because penguins? They like to mix it up.

And while the chicks' parents do indeed sport the memorable names of Roxy and Floyd, the younger birds have not yet been named. "The public can help name one of the penguin chicks during a live auction" at the Sea Fare fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 19. Please, public: Come up with monikers as cool as Roxy and Floyd.

This isn't the only time the aquarium has been in the headlines for animal-sweet debuts, welcomes, and goodbyes in recent days; an endangered sea turtle was returned to the Pacific earlier this month. If you didn't catch the video the Aquarium posted of that release, well. It's moving and sweet, both.

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