‘Be Like a Mountain Lion' Is This Livestream's Good Advice

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area rangers will give us physical distancing tips inspired by the big cats.

Kevin Thrash / Getty Images file

What to Know

  • March 27 at 10 a.m.
  • Free Facebook Live! event
  • Rangers will encourage physical distancing, inspired by mountain lions

The beautiful and sizable felines that roam the mountainous areas of Southern California?

They've been master physical distancers since way, way back.

In fact, if our beloved mountain lions could speak, or least communicate in a language we humans know, they'd surely be able to give us some excellent pointers on the ins, outs, must-dos, and definite-don'ts of social distancing.

But we do have park rangers who can help us translate some of these niftier tips, and a ranger or two is ready to stop by a Facebook Live! event, one called "Be Like a Mountain Lion."

"Hey, we totally get wanting to recreate! It's healthy to get outside and breathe some fresh air," says the message on event's page.

"It helps us maintain our sanity and stay mentally healthy, especially in these stressful times, BUT limiting crowds and gatherings in our public spaces is critical right now."

"In light of the recent Stay at Home restrictions set by the Governor of the State of California, driving miles and miles to recreate doesn't make sense right now."

How to find inspiration from our big-of-paw pals during this time? "Please stop and consider staying home in your habitat and avoiding others (like mountain lions)," is the sensible word from the rangers.

Mountain lion mavens and all stay-at-homers are encouraged to tune in at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 27 for a friendly, feline-focused reminder that keeping your distance from people during this critical time is what mountain lions do naturally, every day of the year.

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