Bean Dream: CoffeeCon LA

Fans fête steamy cups of flavorful goodness, at The Reef.

It's a common occurrence — even an everyday one — to grab a quick cup of coffee before heading out to something you've got planned for the day. Your morning sip gives some caffeinated zip, some deep flavor, and the warmth-steamy will to put your shoes on and get to the place you need to be.

But what if that place was itself all about coffee? What if your morning cup was simply a peppy prelude to all of the bean-centered, pro-knowledgeable goodness you were about to encounter over several hours?

Well, surely you'd still have your cup or two before splitting from home, anyway. CoffeeCon LA gets your obsession with the brown-of-hue, lavish-of-taste beverage, a drink so good to so many that it is sometimes the last thought you think before going to sleep at night. (Admit it: You think "only a few hours before my first cup.")

The date is Saturday, Jan. 30, the place is The Reef downtown, and a host of speakers will discuss the intricacies and art of coffee-makery. Making a Buttery Brew is one seminar, as is a French Press Lab. A gathering called Water: Coffee's Silent Majority is on the calendar, and if Turkish Coffee is your obsession, there is a session just for you.

Exhibitors from every corner of coffeedom will also be in the house, so check out the likes of Good Land Organics, Warbler Coffee Roasting, Portola Coffee Lab, and more.

Tickets? They're thirty bucks for the entire day, and you get access to the labs and seminars, too.

CoffeeCon, which burbles up, like so much fancy foam, in some other major cities, too, is billed as The Consumer Coffee Festival. 

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If you're the sort of coffeeist who stopped reading this to go make a cup — or you're thinking of going to get a cup right now — then strengthening your coffee maker game, your sugar/milk ratios, and your general knowledge of bean-grinding is probably important to you.

After all, millions drink it every morning ... and afternoon ... and night ... and repeat. Perhaps it is time to give this every day, but not-so-everyday, passion of your palate some more love.

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