Big Buzz for ‘Beyond the Streets'

The exhibit on Main Street is shaping up to be one of the most major art shows of the spring.

What to Know

  • Through July 6
  • $25
  • 1667 N. Main St.

Street art, social change, future-forward fantasies, imagery that becomes known, then possibly iconic, through repeated application, and the ability to work and find inspiration outside the perimeters of the established art world?

There are plentiful reasons that street art has continued to fiercely flourish in recent decades and that names like BANKSY, Shepard Fairey, and Keith Haring have become household names with both art fans and those in the swim of pop culture.

But the term "household" might suggest that viewers of street art, and even the makers of it, have become comfortable, even staid, about the messages, humor, and prankish frankness that have become part and parcel of the form.

Though, like "household," "part and parcel" suggests a pat approach that just isn't there, either.

What is there, in the current and vibrant world of street art? Your first reaction, upon departing the mega-of-scale "Beyond the Streets" art exhibition, which debuted on May 6, may be "what isn't there?"

The display, which includes several large-scale pieces throughout a capacious 40,000-square-foot space, is creating plenty of buzz, both on the streets and in the more traditional places where the creation of art finds a foothold.

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The word on the street is building, thanks in part to the household names in the show, as well as pieces certain to give visitors plenty to discuss for hours, or even days, after departing the space.

Artists in the exhibit, which is on view through Friday, July 6, 2018 at 1667 N. Main St., include the legendary trio mentioned above as well as Lee Quiñones, Guerrilla Girls, Mark Mothersbaugh, Takashi Murakami, and dozens more.

Eye hours, details, and the ticket information you need now.

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