Bite into Grilled Cheese Month at La Brea Bakery

Weekly specials dot the restaurant's April calendar.

What to Know

  • All April long
  • In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month
  • The eatery will feature special cheesy concoctions each week; $13 + tax each

Sandwiches, as a rule, are generally of the closed-tight, can't-see-inside variety.

True, there is the whole open-faced sector of sandwichdom, a gravy-laden place, and we wouldn't dare cock an eyebrow at that admirable style of serving up a hearty and wonderful 'wich.

But bread typically meets bread, slice atop slice, in most sandwiches, and truly determining all of the ingredients found in the middle depends on how high the sandwich maker has stacked the interior goodies.

Grilled cheese is a big exception here, for the cheese, wait for it, often melts out of the middle and over the slices' side crusts, which means it is a middle-out melty marvel deserving of its own tribute month.

That month happens to be April each year, and, as is tradition, that gooey-cheesy-bready bastion of all that is grilled and good, La Brea Bakery, will be marking National Grilled Cheese Month with a quartet of special sandwiches.

The special grilled cheese for week one, which opened on April 2?

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A Fontina fantasy, complete with slow-roasted shallots and sauteéd mushrooms. The bread? Mmm, toasted sunflower honey. The side? Mixed greens with diced beets and blood orange vinaigrette.

There are three more top-notch, upper-crust, excellente grilled cheeses still to come, with goat cheese ruling week two, a turkey-swiss Gruyere rocking week three, and a white cheddar with pecan-smoked bacon taking centerstage as April winds down.

The sides for each? Also of the top-notch, not-just-plate-filler variety.

The cost for each? Thirteen dollars, plus tax.

Can't make it to the restaurant? There are make-it-at-home recipes, oh yeah. (You can buy the bread at La Brea Bakery as well as several areas stores.)

Being able to see what's going on inside your sandwich, even if it isn't an open-faced sandwich? This is one of the many unsung gifts the grilled cheese consistently gives to its most curious, gotta-know fans.

For when the interior cheesiness begins to spill over the bready edges, meltily, creating that quintessentially grilled-cheese-esque look, we don't have to guess what's next: We're eating it, pronto.

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