Boysenberry Churros Are Happening at Knott's Berry Farm

You don't need to wait for the springtime Boysenberry Festival to find your tart treats at the Buena Park destination.

What to Know

  • Boysenberry churros, boysenberry vinaigrette, boysenberry corn dog, all served daily
  • Prices and park locations vary
  • Buena Park

Searchlights and Southern California? It seems as if just about every night of the week brings another special film premiere, or exclusive event, or fancy-dancy party, and, with that, the requisite powerful light beams out front of the venue, sparkling up the night.

If only there was a boysenberry-hued beam, one that could fill up the evening sky above Knott's Berry Farm. Such a magical illumination would let fans of the famous fruit know that they could find the boysen-tastic treats they adore at the Buena Park theme park. 

But then, such a searchlight would be on full blast every night, pretty much, for it is never not boysenberry time at the historic destination, a 160-acre ride-packed place that is known for a number of happenings, including its popular springtime Boysenberry Festival.

Yes, the alert on your phone should already be set for March 16, 2018, which is the opening day of the multi-week berry bash, but here's another tasty truth: You can always find an array of sticky-purple-awesome goodies at Knott's, even if it is January.

The park, in fact, just posted a reminder that handmade boysenberry churros, boysenberry vinaigrette, boysenberry corn dogs, and boysenberry beer are available outside of the opening and closing days of the Boysenberry Festival.

As in, now.

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As in, boysenberry corn dogs and boysenberry beer. We know, we just typed both of those only a couple of sentences ago, but it feels like both deserve their own searchlights, or, rather, spotlights. Any boysen-seeker would agree with us, probably, because corn dogs and beer don't typically rock anything berry.

Boysenberry milkshakes and BBQ pulled pork, which can include boysenberry BBQ sauce if you request it, are also for sale at the theme park, let it be known.

The whole truth of it? It's always a bit of a boysenberry-beautiful fiesta at Knott's, if that's your jam. Your. Jam. As in boysenberry jam, but also something you like, which "jam" also means, of course.


But keep in mind that, while the boysenberry offerings are plentiful throughout the year, there will be "...over 80 one-of-a-kind boysenberry inspired dishes, drinks, and more..." during March 16-April 8, 2018 festival.

Does "over 80" deserve its own searchlight here? Can a person even name 80 foods in a row, much less those foods that would pair well with the distinctive sweetness and sass of the boysenberry?

Well, you probably can, being the boysen buff you are. It's your jam, after all.

And, if so, you'll want to seek out your next boysenberry churro ASAP. Keep in mind that the boysenberry-themed goodies are found at a number of locations around Knott's Berry Farm, so consult this page before you go or check in with a helpful Knott's staffer to find the sweet you crave.

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