Burger Month: All May Long

The meaty main course gets its own month. How will you nosh down around town?

Some very curious things in this world can cover, curiously, two bases at the same time.

Look to bagels, which are known as a breakfast staple (think cream cheese, salmon) and a fine way to start a lunchtime sandwich. Likewise, peanut butter can be both sweet (see: peanut butter cookies) and savory (see: sesame noodles).

So when we tell you that the hamburger has its own official national food holiday, as you might expect, and we also state that the burger simultaneously boasts a whole holiday month, which is May, will you say this cannot be? Will you refuse, in short, to believe?

Believe you most certainly do, we're just betting, because few dine-out choices are as enduringly popular, and constantly ordered-up, as a patty between two buns. That can be perfect on its own, for many hamburgerists, while others choose to stack tomatoes and slather on sauces and pile on the onion rings to complete their perfect burger.

While May 28, National Hamburger Day, will see a spate of specials at places known for their posh patties, you can support your favorite hamburgery throughout May by stopping in for a tummy-filling nosh. 

Or try something zingy, weird, and new, since Los Angeles is a longtime centerpoint for the hold-it-with-both-hands favorite.

On the zingy front: Boneyard Bistro's diabolically named "Burn in Hell" Burger contains a multitude of chile-hotness comin' at you from different directions. Poblano peppers, jalapeños, and habañero aioli bring the heat to a Wagyu beef patty. Jack cheese, crispy tortilla strips, tomatoes, and sour cream round all of the tears-inducing deliciousness out.

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The Sherman Oaks restaurant is also the hamburger-happy home of the Breakfast Bomb!, which includes a Wagyu beef patty, bourbon maple syrup, pancake-battered bacon, American cheese, and a fried egg. And if French dips are your hearty pleasure, there's Boneyard Bistro burger that takes the concept of the dippable classic and makes it burgerized.

Of course, unusual and flavorful burgers happen at several spots around Southern California.

Could you commit to trying one or two new ones during Burger Month? That's May, a month with 31 days, so you have some extra time to find your burger bliss in a region that's known for it.

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