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Butterfly Pavilion Ready to Alight at NHMLA

One of the wingleaders of the butterfly-focused pop-ups is ready for its uplifting debut.

What to Know

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
  • March 17-Sept. 2
  • $18 adult (includes museum and pavilion admission)

It isn't often we get to drop a word like "transfixed" into everyday conversation, but people are certainly going to that particular term, and others like it, as the middle of March approaches here in Southern California.


Because of all of those beautiful Painted Lady butterflies passing through, in migratory fashion.

If you haven't seen them fly by in a veritable cloud, or impressive throng, or, more accurately, a "kaleidoscope," then you know someone who has (and can't stop raving about it).

But there are other ways to be transfixed, moved, beguiled, elated, and uplifted by the world o' butterflydom, and one of the most major routes is debuting for the season at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Indeed, it's the return of the beloved Butterfly Pavilion, the enter-ready space that is full of fluttery wings and the insects rocking those colorful appendages.

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The 2019 dates?

Best plan to flutter over to the Exposition Park institution from March 17 through Sept. 2.

An adult ticket is $18, which also nabs you entry to the museum, as well as Butterfly Pavilion.

Keep your 'fly eyes peeled for oodles of species once inside, including twenty from the Golden State. If you're a mourning cloak maven, or go gaga for buckeyes, you'll see them in the pavilion, fingers crossed.

A host of "subtropical varieties" will also be prettily present, with the grey cracker making a cameo, and other amazing representatives of the beyond-California butterfly contingent.

Those astonishing Painted Ladies won't be fluttering around forever, but this spring-to-summer spectacular truly delivers on the transfixed front.

Don your own colorful wings and fly for Exposition Park, beginning on March 17.

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