Buy a Dining Bond, Help a Favorite Bar Now

Spend $80 with 1933 Group and have $100 to spend down the road at spots like Idle Hour in North Hollywood.

William Bradford

What to Know

  • is helping restaurants and bars during this time of closure via buy-now-spend-later dining bonds
  • Buy a $100 1933 Group Dining Bond for $80
  • Spend when the ten 1933 Group bars reopen; no expiration date

Are you keeping the people who staff your favorite hangout extra-close to your heart these days, as bars and restaurants remain closed as part of the large-scale response to COVID-19?

There's a way to help out right now, and also provide a window to a fun future visit.

How? The 1933 Group just joined a growing dining bond initiative, which is helping the teams behind shuttered venues take care of their employees and weather the temporary closure.

While each venue working with, an organization founded by professionals in the hospitality industry, will have its own savings and structure, The 1933 Group is offering a 1933 Group Dining Bond worth $100 and priced at $80 to purchase.

That's a significant savings, but the silver linings continue to grow: You can use your dining bond at all ten 1933 Group destinations when they reopen, including Idle Hour, Bigfoot Lodge, and Highland Park Bowl.

You won't have to wait: Your dining bond will be good instantly upon reopening.

The expiration date on your bond? Hello, silver lining: There is none.

And, adding flavor to the 1933 Group Dining Bond is its vintage design, which reflects the throwback vibe of the bars themselves.

You'll be emailed "a secure link" containing your bond, so you'll want to keep that close for when your favorite taverns again unlock the doors.

For more information on buying your 1933 Group Dining Bond, click. To learn more about, and how your restaurant might begin the bond process, visit this site now.

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