Candytopia to Find a New Location

The walk-through candy-themed experience was slated to open in mid-December 2017.

What to Know

  • Candytopia
  • New location planned
  • Refunds will be issued automatically

Gooey confections, yummy bon bons, suckable sweets, boiled-sugar goodies, and lollipops have a way of disappearing pretty quickly, but not by any magic trick or spell that's been cast: We eat them, and poof! They're soon gone.

But Candytopia, the mega-of-size, gummy-bear'd walk-through experience set to debut at the LA Hangar Studios in the middle of December 2017, never quite appeared. That, however, doesn't mean the whimsy-packed destination is gone like a bon bon. (Or, more accurately, a box of bon bons, which do have a way of disappearing quickly.) It may appear again, soon, somewhere where it wasn't expected.

A statement released by the interactive happening's organizers on Wednesday, Jan. 17 told more of the story. The "proper permits necessary for Candytopia to open at the planned location" have not been obtained, and "(w)hile we've worked tirelessly with the City of Los Angeles, the situation has still not been resolved."

As for refunds? "All Candytopia ticket holders will receive a refund, and "... no additional action is required to receive the refund," given the automatic processing system.

As for what's next?

The search is on for a new location, and the team behind the project hopes to share "exciting news soon." If you're keen to snap your photo among all of those over-sized confections and lollies, wherever they might appear next, best watch the Candytopia social media pages for updates.

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