Community Kindness Cards Help Us Help Our Neighbors

Best Friends Animal Society has ready-to-print cards you can drop off at your neighbors' homes, to check in and see if they need a helping hand.

Best Friends Animal Society

What to Know

  • Best Friends Animal Society of LA
  • Printable Community Kindness Cards in English and Spanish
  • Let your neighbors know if you can help with dog walks, groceries, more; observe physical distancing

Is it accurate, or just a widely repeated idea, that people tend to learn the names of the pets in their neighborhood before they commit the names of humans to memory?

That may not be true of you at all, or you may be exactly the kind of person who knows that Barkley and Princess and Laddie and Spike are all pups that live on your block, while not exactly recalling the handles that their people go by.

Here's a way to connect with those humans, all while helping Barkley, Princess, Laddie, and Spike, too: Best Friends Animal Society has a ready-to-print card on its site, one that you can print out, fill out, and then drop at your neighbor's, all to let them know you can help.

The Community Kindness Card has a few categories you can circle or check off, including Grocery/Meal Pickup and Senior Assistance.

The purchase of Pet Supplies or Pet Food are other areas where many Southern Californians could use a little back-up. Can you help a neighbor out with those? Do let them know.

Dog Walking and Pet Transportation are two other areas that the card covers, so be sure to indicate everything you can assist with, so your neighbor is clear.

There are also blank lines to write a personal message or to let your neighbor know about what supplies you have on hand and are glad to share. And, of course, a place where you can leave your contact information, too.

You can print a Spanish or English card, and, of course, distribute to as many neighbors as you would like.

Note the clear instruction on physical distancing on the cards, and be sure to observe a wide berth, one that's at least six feet or greater, when dropping off your help-out card or any supplies or food you've signed up to deliver. Drop-offs? They're made at the door, per the card.

Hand washing? Essential.

Do adhere the guidelines on #SaferatHome we're observing these days.

We continue to observe #SaferatHome recommendations in order to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Seen the #ViralKindness cards in England? That's where Best Friends got the inspiration for this project.

The animal-kind organization hopes that Southern Californians will reach out, across the street or down the block, to let their neighbors know that they are eager to help with a host of needs.

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