Lincoln Heights

Creative Cool Abounds at the Free Brewery Artwalk

The "world's largest art complex" will open its (many, many) doors to people eager to enjoy studios, galleries, and the process of imagination at work.


What to Know

  • Brewery Artwalk at 2100 N. Main Street
  • Nov. 5 and 6, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Free

The final few months of the year can provide us with a bounty of events that demand, and often tax, our imagination.

This is a lovely thing, all in all, for figuring out just the right homemade Halloween costume or how we'd like to decorate for our favorite holiday can be just the sort of brain exercise that fuels our creativity and frees our most fanciful spirit.

But in the middle of the end of the year, which falls right around now, we're also looking for inspiration, those inventive sights and sounds that lift us, embolden us, and make us vow to live more vivacious lives.

The Brewery Artwalk is right on time, as usual.

The free weekend-long happening, which takes place at "the world's largest art complex," is all about art enjoyment, soaking up visual splendor, chatting up makers, and a loose sort of lookie-loo-ing that shakes off all the cobwebs and many of our day-to-day woes.

It's back, on Saturday, Nov. 5 and Sunday, Nov. 6, at the former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery in Lincoln Heights. And not only is admission free, but parking is complimentary, too.

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You'll be able to visit the galleries, studios, and even home workspaces — the complex, after all, is home to many artists — of over 100 painters, sculptors, ceramicists, video artists, and the big thinkers exploring all sorts of media in all sorts of surprising ways.

There's food for purchase, too — connecting with lots of art can stoke the appetite — and plenty of pieces will be for sale, if you fall in love with a photograph or textile or wall hanging, the sort of splendid focal point and/or idea-packed item and/or rad work you've been seeking but haven't found quite yet.

That's the thing about the Brewery Artwalk: It is full of fabulous find-able things, the ideas and notions we know we need but haven't yet put a name to, not quite. But that's art's main magic: Helping us elucidate and embrace those can't-quite-name-this-feeling feelings.

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