‘Creepshow' and ‘Us' Mazes to Eek-Out Universal Studios

A decades-old favorite and a brand-new classic will lend the chills and thrills to Halloween Horror Nights.

What to Know

  • Halloween Horror Nights
  • Opens Friday, Sept. 13 (fan preview night Sept. 12)
  • Tickets on sale now

There's something comforting about the notion that a horror movie flickers across a screen, and the screen is several feet away from you, and the characters involved in the heart-palpitating action aren't real-life people standing in your immediate vicinity.

That all changes, of course, when you step inside an effects-driven, people-populated scare maze, the kind of adrenaline-raising experience that puts you in the fright film.

And two of the great fright films, one from the '80s and one from today, will, er, welcome adventurous types who brave the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

For the autumntime eek fest revealed two fresh and fearful mazes as August 2019 kicked off: "Creepshow," the iconic anthology feature from 1982 and new Shudder series, and Jordan Peele's terrifying 2019 masterwork "Us."

"Creepshow" will sweep those who dare enter into the multi-story'd world of the the sometimes-campy, always toe-curling classic, with forays into its bug-filled, alien-fungus'd universe. The maze will draw from the '80s-era film, as well as a new Shudder series, for its eerie inspiration.

"Us" will call upon the beachside boardwalk that's a main setting for writer-director Jordan Peele's film, as well as the home and neighborhood where the Wilson family encountered, well, the Wilson family, but not the Wilson family. 

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Forays underground, to the world of the Tethered, and into halls brimming with mirrors, and sections that look like mirrors but perhaps are not, will be part of the experience.

Tickets are on sale now for Halloween Horror Nights, which'll scare multitudes of monster mavens over select fall evenings, beginning on Sept. 13 (with a fan preview night on Sept. 12).

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