Delicious Little Tokyo: All-Weekend Food Workshops

Is there a Poke & Tea Tasting in our near future?

Doing lunch in Little Tokyo on any given Saturday?

Pretty much any lunch-having person can find herself wishing there was a pre-lunch snack, then a before-lunch tidbit, then lunch, then a just-after lunch dessert, followed by the post-lunch dessert fortification, such as a bun or rice ball.

For the fact is this: Any heading-to-lunch saunterer will pass a number of tempting Little Tokyo restaurants and shops on the way, places that instantly make an owner of a rumbling stomach wish they had several small meals, and a variety of foodstuffs, to enjoy over the coming hours.

This is where Delicious Little Tokyo comes into culinary action. The second annual gourmand-tastic go-around is scheduled for Friday, July 21 through Sunday, July 23, and it is allllll about the amazing edibles of the downtown neighborhood, except when it is about flower-arranging workshops and ukulele lessons and other life-enhancing pursuits of an artistic nature.

A bevy of food-oriented workshops dominate, however, with a sake tasting, a poke & tea tasting, and a latte art throwdown providing a trio of tantalizing options. A chance to make adorable rice ball characters or sushi is also on the roster.

And shall there be time devoted to the composing of Bento Boxes? You bet.

Each workshop comes with its own cash materials fee or donation, so go over everything before deciding to jump into the one you like. 

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And then, when you're on your next lunch date in Little Tokyo, think back to the July weekend at Delicious Little Tokyo, and how you devoted time and attention to sushi and rice balls and you upped your knowledge and skills game overall.

If you regularly wish that could eat, eat, eat around the yummy neighborhood over several hours, this behinds-the-scenes, learning-packed event is right up your appetizing alley.

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