Draw a Comic, Draw Your Future

Ponder what will happen "When all of this is Over" with the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock.


What to Know

  • May 14, 6 to 8 p.m.
  • $10; ages 16 and up
  • A pencil, eraser, sharpener, and paper is all you need on your end

This stay-at-home spring has prompted many people to return to making art, or try a creative endeavor for the very first time, or ponder a path that is all about creating things to fashion a better world for all.

If you've been thinking about reconnecting with your love of drawing, while also simultaneously mulling over what comes next, the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock has a Zoom class that touches upon both topics.

The name? It's something on so many minds: When all of this is Over.

Artist Charlotte Hildebrand will lead the May 14 online gathering. Your goal? To create a four-panel comic strip, one that puts the spotlight on how you've been doing, as well as the "what's next" theme.

Where do you see yourself down the road? Years from now? Is there a goal that has recently come to the front of your mind that you feel an urgency to accomplish? A few goals? Or do you simply wish to keep on keepin' on?

Use the class to express how you're feeling right now and what you'd like to do in days to come.

The upshot? "You will answer 4 prompts to get you going, on how you've been affected by the ongoing quarantine."

"No drawing experience necessary; just come prepared with a pencil(s), eraser, sharpener and whatever paper you have lying around the house. You're set to go."

It's $10, a fee that supports the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock.

As for the class ages?

This come-together comics coolness is all about helping people who are 16, or older, tap into their love of illustrating, their imagination, and, yes, their will to map out, with humor and flair, a fabulous future.

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