Dress as a Cat and Enjoy This Cat Café for Free

Crumbs & Whiskers Kitten Café will offer "free experiences" to the first ten people to show up each morning dressed as cats, through Halloween.

What to Know

  • Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Café
  • 7924 Melrose Avenue
  • First ten people to show dressed as cats will gain free entry to the cat-filled wonderland; deal good through Halloween 2019

Dressing up your cat as a tiny vampire, complete with a colorful cape? Or attempting to slide your sweetheart into a sweater, one that has a pumpkin on it?

If you know cats, you know that these are likely fruitless tasks best avoided. For felines are famously not as inclined to fashion-focused fripperies as our Fido friends, and leaving them au naturelle is probably the way to go.

But there are no hard nor fast rules saying that humans can't dress up as felines, if they're so inclined.

And one glance at local Halloween store's costume aisle confirms this is so: Headbands with tiny ears, make-up kits for creating whiskers, and other accessories help we humans become our tail-swishing companions in just a few artful strokes.

If you've got your cat look down, best trod on padded feet for Melrose Avenue, where Crumbs & Whiskers' Kitten Café is located.

The café, which is all about visiting with a cadre of cute, adoption-ready cats, is offering free experiences to the first ten people who show up, through Halloween, dressed as cats.

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Adding to the seasonal atmosphere? "Haunted" decorations inside the café, meow meow.

Adding to the joy? National Cat Day is Oct. 29, 2019.

Can't make it over on a weekday morning in your full feline get-up? There's also a Halloween party, on the evening of Oct. 31, that involves sips, snacks, and plenty of cat love. That's forty bucks.

People do love to dress as pussy cats. If you count yourself in that column, and you want to save the usual admission fee to this whiskery wonderland, throw on that ear-topped headband and meow-meow in the direction of the Melrose adoption center through Halloween morning.

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