Enter Your Pumpkins in Pasadena Humane's Pet Calendar Contest

Is your furry one especially photogenic, charismatic, and/or ultra-cuddly? This could be their big 'n barky break.


What to Know

  • $25 per photo entry; $1 to vote ($5 minimum)
  • Funds raised help the Pasadena Humane Society
  • The voting deadline is 11 p.m. on July 31

Your couch cuddler, your pillow pal, the tiny barker or purrer that is always tucked up under your arm, even when you're trying to write or eat or study or really anything and everything?

They certainly have a furry head, a soft head, a kissable head, the nicest noggin you've ever had the pleasure of smooching.

But do they have a big head? Plenty of people know that they live with confident critters, animals that have high esteem, which leads one to wonder what might happen once a proud pet is featured in a major rescue's annual calendar.

Surely this proud pet would only grow prouder, and the pet's person? Surely their pride would be real, too.

That seems like a good thing, for when animals in need are the calendar's beneficiaries, everyone, pets and people alike, can feel nicely proud about that fact.

Pasadena Humane, one of Southern California's oldest rescue organizations, is putting together its 2023 calendar, but before you raise a bark at the mere sight of "2023" — we know, time really does fly too fast — consider that your cat, dog, or favorite beastie might be selected as one of the calendar's cute stars.

The contest is now open, through 11 p.m. on July 31, 2022, and there are some important considerations before submitting a fabulous photo of your bestie. It's $25 per photo entry (yep, funds will help Pasadena Humane), and voting on a photo, which will be displayed during the contest period on the Pasadena Humane site?

That's $1 per vote, with a minimum of five votes necessary (so $5, yep).

And this tugs at the heartstrings: Every photo with five votes, or more, will be included in the calendar's collage, meaning your pup, kitten, or critter may appear there.

As for the prizes?

Raise a happy howl: Gift baskets, tote bags, and other goodies are involved, depending on whether you place first in a category or are one of the runners-up.

And the top getter of votes?

Swanky: That person will enjoy a pair of tickets to a VIP lounge at the upcoming Wiggle Waggle Walk, as well as a custom illustration, one that will "be featured on Pasadena Humane merchandise." (Oh yes, and it is framed, which is double-swanky.)

Call it a winning way to give the programs of Pasadena Humane a leg up — or perhaps a hind leg up, is the more apt way to phrase it — in the months to come, all while possibly seeing your pet in a cool calendar.

Will your pumpkin get a big head over all of this, though? Maybe, but shouldn't your pet feel a little proud of how utterly adorable they are?

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