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Alpert at Ace

The great jazz man has a new art show.



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    A new sculpture series by Herb Alpert is at the Ace Gallery on Wilshire.

    We'd never put this man and this place together, but, now that they are, it feels right.

    The place: Ace Gallery. The avant-garde-iest of the avant garde. Remember the room full of corn at the Wilshire gallery? The hanging lightbulbs and the whispering cackles? Ace always challenges.

    Herb Alpert: He helped fashion a particularly glossy sound with his Tijuana Brass; he's the "A" in A&M Records; he makes beautiful music with wife, the singer Lani Hall.

    Now Mr. Alpert has turned his sights on the visual arts, specifically sculptures, specifically totems of some magnitude and grandeur. His "Black Totem" series debuted at the Beverly Hills outpost of Ace on Thursday, February 4th. 

    But perhaps "now" is the wrong word there, because the artist has been making sculpture for decades, and studying the language of totems. Also interesting to us: When someone who has gained fame in one form masters another.

    We wouldn't miss this show. Ace Gallery is at 9430 Wilshire.